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The EyeSwoon Guide to a Stylish Easter Brunch

Words by Sacha Strebe.

As the balmy breeze of spring thaws winter’s frigid temperatures, we are gripped with a sudden urge to leave our cozy sanctuaries to bask in the sun, to plant herb gardens in the fertile soil, and cook fragrant meals with the season’s verdant veggies. It’s finally time open the doors, to fill our homes with blooming branches, and welcome loved ones for a picnic in the garden. With the first holiday of the season just around the corner, we decided to compile a list of swoony Easter brunch ideas from the table to the menu, and even a few Easter DIY crafts that both the kids and adults alike will enjoy. So hippity hoppity below for inspiration and product recco’s to create your own special Easter brunch this year. 

But first a quote to set the tone for your creative musings:

“Maybe the desire to make something beautiful is the piece of God that is inside each of us.” — Mary Oliver, Devotions


Nothing beats the connection and celebration that cooking and gathering friends in your home can offer, except maybe the pleasure of setting a seasonal tablescape! When planning an Easter table we have one piece of advice: look to nature! This will become your through-line from the menu to the decorative touches and the place settings. For example, when prepping the ingredients for your frittata, use the chives for the meal and bundle the blooms with copper wire for that springy touch when plating. Food can also double as décor so don’t be afraid to experiment with your ingredients on the table. There is nothing more eye-catching than a bountiful bowl or platter of fresh veggies from the farmer’s market! When in doubt, follow my simple tablescape tenets: Seasonality. Simplicity. Tonality. Cohesion. Contrast.


The EyeSwoon Guide to a Stylish Easter Brunch

An Easter menu follows the same principles as the table: let nature be your guide! This time of year, we’re all craving something lighter but aren’t completely avoiding the oven so consider a mix of crunchy salads with a slice of frittata and a tasty dessert that’s inspired by the season. When hosting, we always recommend serving family style and cooking meals that can be prepared in advance or served at room temperature (or cold!) and still taste delicious. This allows you to enjoy the food and your company too!

Spinach & Goat Cheese Frittata

This recipe brings together all the delicious flavors of the season but the best part is how simple it is to make. Everything goes into the cast-iron skillet before placing it into the oven to set. If you’re not a fan of goat cheese, you can replace it with feta or ricotta and it’s just as delicious. Serve it with a salad and you have a delicious brunch (or an easy dinner on a warm spring night). This is one of my favorite spring recipes for making ahead of time because it tastes just as good cold.

The Forgotten Lamp Chops With Mint Salsa

This recipe pays homage to Morocco’s exotic, addictive flavors. It’s a dish worthy of a celebratory occasion, but it’s not tricky to pull off—I’ve been known to serve it for a weeknight family meal. Each of the components is silly yummy on its own—the spice-rubbed lamb chops, the minty salsa, the currant-spiked couscous—but something magical happens when they all come together. It’s all about that perfect bite! Somehow this recipe was mistakenly omitted from the spring chapter of Cook Beautiful. Seemed appropriate to share today as it would make for the perfect Easter meal!

Burrata & Asparagus Salad

I love opposing flavors and textures in dish and this springy salad does both. The seasonal snap of the sugar snaps with the fresh asparagus shoots and the soft and creamy burrata is a match made in culinary heaven.  Add some micro greens and you have the ultimate side dish to complement any meal, but especially an Easter brunch. 

Smoked Salmon With Red Onions and Herbs

Little toasts are one of my favorite nibbles to serve guests, and of all the many varieties I’ve put together over the years, this smoked salmon toast however is the one that gets gobbled with the most ferocity. People go crazy over smoked salmon! Of course, the appeal here goes beyond the fish—there’s also the cooling lemon crème fraîche, the sharp, tangy pickled onion, and the refreshingly crunchy cukes. The elements truly harmonize. On weekends when I suspect I’ll have friends around, I often make the components in advance so these toasts can be assembled in a pinch for an elegant, easter brunch.

Light & Airy Carrot Cake Trifle With a Hint of Spice

Thanks to a medley of enticing ingredients (including mascarpone, ginger-sherry syrup, and carrots, of course) Athena’s carrot cake trifle is creamy, light, airy, subtly spicy, and mouthwateringly moist. Plus, it can be prepped in advance and assembled the morning-of, making it a perfect, stress-free pick for your festive get-together. 

Chamomile Gin Sour

Gin really is the perfect culinary-and foodie-obsessed spirit, with its bright herbaceous notes and its juniper berry and botanical-focused flavor. The citrus and delicate floral notes of the chamomile are guaranteed to swoon. With its beauty, vibrant taste and frothy finish, I declare this the cocktail of the season!


“Hatching” Egg Succulents

In any manner of design, from room to table, I often incorporate a nod to my surroundings. A great way to do this is with nature—especially in spring, when the earth comes alive. So, what better way to bring the season back to the table than with Mother Nature herself which also inspired this year’s Easter DIY. If you’re looking for something crafty to do with the family this holiday, then hippity hop hop on down to our how-to instructions below and start creating these undeniably cute “hatching” egg succulents for your Easter brunch table! Both the kids and adults alike will love it!

The EyeSwoon Guide to a Stylish Easter Brunch

Chic & Simple Easter Eggs

We approach everything at EyeSwoon HQ with the same philosophy: simple ideas, thoughtfully executed. So when it came time to concept an Easter egg DIY we wanted to formula that was elevated but approachable (not to mention accessible) for all. These simple and chic easter eggs are made using natural dyes (use this recipe for yellow, pink, and purple dye) and a fine-tip sharpie. Because beauty certainly shouldn’t be complicated. Have fun!

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